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Atomic Email Studio - all tools for email marketing in one package

Atomic Email Studio is a very feature-rich program. Due to the variety of built-in modules it covers all possible e-marketing needs you can hardly imagine.

With our program you can easily:

Send emails to your customers

Atomic Mail Sender

Mass mailing module supports HTML and plain text messages. It provides the opportunity to send mail via external SMTP server you can specify or directly to the recipients bypassing ISP SMTP server. Using special tracking tool - Atomic Email Tracker service - you can always have access to the results of your email email campaign and constantly increase its effectiveness.

Create mailing lists from the Internet

Atomic Email Hunter

Email extractor is used to build targeted mailing lists for your email campaign using Internet resources. You can easily start searching using URLs or just keywords.

Extract emails from your local files

Atomic Email Logger

Using this email extractor module, one can easily create mailing lists using contacts from the files on computer. Implemented plug-in technology allows to collect emails from files of different types.

Send autoresponses to the clients

E-mail autoresponder

Autoresponder is an essential tool to keep communication with your customers even when you can't reply to the emails. It gives the opportunity to send sequential automatic responses according to the rules you have set in the program.

Give your clients the ability to subscribe/unsubscribe

Atomic Subscription Manager

Subscription module carefully treats subscribe and unsubscribe requests of your clients. Once you set up the rules, it will monitor inbox and make appropriate adjustments of specified mailing lists. No further actions are required from your side.

Verify email addresses

Atomic Email Verifier

Launch verifier module and check your mailing lists for validity. Due to the mechanism of 3-level verification, it allows to check mailing lists very accurately.

Manage mailing lists

Atomic List Manager

It is a great tool to manage your mailing lists the way you need - sort and split them, kill duplicates, kill suspicious emails, apply different filters and much more. Keep your lists fresh and updated!

Explore newsgroups for targeted contacts

Atomic Newsgroup Explorer

Extract email addresses and user names directly from newsgroups and create targeted mailing lists for your future campaigns! Even private newsgroups that require password can be processed.

Extract data from WHOIS database

Atomic Whois Explorer

Simplify the process of searching through the global WHOIS database with our tool! You will be able to retrieve email addresses of domain name administrators or owners and websites expiration dates.

Get contacts from the visited web sites

IE Contacts Spy

In fact, it is a plugin for Internet Explorer to extract email addresses from the pages you visit. The advantage of the tool is the ability to get emails even from password protected pages. .

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